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Amytheyst Beebe

Amy says: “It would be hard for me to pin down one particular style that I wear most often.  Some days it will be a cute cardigan and a pair of jeans, with… Continue reading

Cieleste Magic

Ciel- 天 -este says: “My style is usually leaning towards high fashion, but on a casual day, I would just enjoy a simple, laid-back look with colors and styles that fit the season.… Continue reading


  Kirstylee says: “If it is fumbling to get on those skinny jeans, and tossing on a tank top type morning, or even sliding the lace and poof of a short skirt up… Continue reading

Geanna dress from Toki-Doki

Today’s post is to say thank you to the great designer Maya Levane of Toki Doki for such a beautiful dress which she was kind enough to name after me.   The Geanna… Continue reading

Maya Levane (Owner of TokiD)

Maya says: “I aim to be boho chic, I wear mostly earth tones. I like versatile pieces that can be worn in many ways, very casual for the most part.” Check her blog… Continue reading

Kaelyn Alecto (Photographer and blogger)

Kaelyn’s words: “My style is usual casual with some cute details. I love bright colors. And little accessories that make me all happy, like flowers or cute bags.” Check her blog here.  … Continue reading

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