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Amytheyst Beebe

Amy says: “It would be hard for me to pin down one particular style that I wear most often.  Some days it will be a cute cardigan and a pair of jeans, with… Continue reading

Sugar Planer

Sugar Tells: “I would describe my style as simple and understated. I am mostly drawn to clothes that I know I will feel comfortable wearing as opposed to being on trend and trying… Continue reading

Shyla Imary

Shyla says: “I found it hard to define my style. It pretty much changes with my mood, or emerges from a cluster of new items from different places. I love cute bright colors,… Continue reading

Lila Quander

Lila tells: “My style in SL is a lot like my RL style. I tend to gravitate toward classic and tailored pieces. In order to add a bit of flair to my outfits,… Continue reading

Compulsion Overdrive (Owner of Compulsion Shoes)

  Compulsion says: “My style stays within a certain look most of the time. I usually dress like I was 20 again, but with more money and a better figure! I go with… Continue reading

Incognito Xaris

Incognito says: “I don’t really have any style sense to be honest .  I just like to play dress up,  SL makes that easy.”   Top: Zaara –  Nina tube top *ivory* by… Continue reading


Ashley says: “My style is crazy all across the board and there’s really no logic to it.  One of the things I most love about SL is my ability to change looks whenever… Continue reading

Dakota Bucks (Owner of Whippet & Buck)

Kota tells us: “Most of my time in SL is spent messy, half-dressed and probably bald – the uniform of the Second Life designer.     When I do put on clothes I… Continue reading


  Kirstylee says: “If it is fumbling to get on those skinny jeans, and tossing on a tank top type morning, or even sliding the lace and poof of a short skirt up… Continue reading

Rosie Vyper

Rosie tells us: “If I had to describe my style to anyone, I’d have to describe it as a simple yet diverse edge, as it really does depend on my mood. I like… Continue reading

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