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Amytheyst Beebe

Amy says: “It would be hard for me to pin down one particular style that I wear most often.  Some days it will be a cute cardigan and a pair of jeans, with… Continue reading


  Kirstylee says: “If it is fumbling to get on those skinny jeans, and tossing on a tank top type morning, or even sliding the lace and poof of a short skirt up… Continue reading

Saffron Foxclaw “Saffie”

Saffie tells us: ” My Second Life style kinda echoes my RL style, usually what I wear in RL I wear in SL and viceversa! This is echoed quite obviously in both my RL… Continue reading

Sisch Firecaster (Bang! Bang! co-owner)

Sisch says: “I love to mix and match with a twist, be a tomboy today, a lady tomorrow and something in between on every other day :p Generally, I like my clothes to… Continue reading

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