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Sheena Silverfall and Rhoyks Qork

Sheena says:” I like being creative and original. Mixing beautiful and fashionable pieces and playing with different kind of styles.   I’m mostly inspired by my RL style, that I would define like Hipster… Continue reading

Amytheyst Beebe

Amy says: “It would be hard for me to pin down one particular style that I wear most often.  Some days it will be a cute cardigan and a pair of jeans, with… Continue reading

Maci Restless

Maci tells: “I wouldn’t say I have a particular style. Mostly I just wear whatever I’m comfortable in. I like to think my style leans towards classy and casual, and occasionally a little… Continue reading

Around the World

As you know, I don’t blog about events normally, but I was exploring The World Around and I just couldn’t resist. It was so nice walking around and watching the location and its… Continue reading


Lolly says: “ As far as style goes, I find myself resisting most labels.  My approach is random and mood based. I will say that I look for clothing that has really superb baked… Continue reading

Rose (Owner of .Olive.)

Rose tells: “I came into SL a complete noob to fashion and styling. I got thrown into hunts and trying to find all the group gifts and lucky board items I could. Eventually,… Continue reading

Geanna Skin

It was a great surprise seeing one of my favorite SL creators named one her items after me (at least is what I like to think 😉 ) and more when is a… Continue reading

Sugar Planer

Sugar Tells: “I would describe my style as simple and understated. I am mostly drawn to clothes that I know I will feel comfortable wearing as opposed to being on trend and trying… Continue reading

Sloan Tharnaby

Sloan tells: “When I think about my style in Secondlife, I definitely can’t think of one term to define all. To be quite honest, a lot of times my style is often inspired… Continue reading


Nicole tells: “I don’t really have a “one way” style on SL, it really depends on my mood what I wear. I like to mix and match clothes and spruce up my look… Continue reading

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