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Amytheyst Beebe

Amy says: “It would be hard for me to pin down one particular style that I wear most often.  Some days it will be a cute cardigan and a pair of jeans, with… Continue reading

Stephy and me sharing an autumn afternoon

So finally we did it: set a time for a photoshoot together and it went just great; Stephy didn’t only dressed so beautiful but she created the whole scene to make a perfect… Continue reading

Tricky Boucher (Owner of -Belleza-)

Tricky says: “When I’m not working as a bald naked female I would say that my style in SL is much like it is in RL, smart casual. Usually a great pair of… Continue reading

Stephy Maldor

Stephy tells: “My style goes according to my mood . If I find something cool today and I’m loving it, I might hate it tomorrow. I’m a very fickle person therefore I get… Continue reading

Incognito Xaris

Incognito says: “I don’t really have any style sense to be honest .  I just like to play dress up,  SL makes that easy.”   Top: Zaara –  Nina tube top *ivory* by… Continue reading

Shyla Diggs (Photographer)

  Shyla tells us: “Well I tend to play dress up a lot and vary my looks depending on my mood. Anything I find beautiful at the time really. Perhaps casual chic would… Continue reading

Millie Gears

Millie tells us: “I would describe my style as classy and simple. I’m a huge lover of pastel colours and I’m rarely seen without a pair of heels and accessories. I feel bare… Continue reading

Lourdes Denimore and Salvatore Otoro

Lourdes says: “I guess you can say I have a style that leans more to the causal. Most of the time its sexy casual that shows more than a bit of skin but… Continue reading

Harlow Heslop (The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse owner)

Harlow tells us: “I like to keep my style simple, realistic, and for the most part very “girl next door”.  I occasionally will dress up and be a little bit “over the top”… Continue reading

Willow Zander (*Frooti Poses owner)

Willis tells us: “I’ve been in SL 8 years this week and I’d like to think of myself as “unboxable” which is what someone once called me.  My style can vary from comfy… Continue reading

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