Geanna dress from Toki-Doki

Today’s post is to say thank you to the great designer Maya Levane of Toki Doki for such a beautiful dress which she was kind enough to name after me.   The Geanna… Continue reading

Siddean Munro (Owner of Slink & co-owner of One Bad Pixel)

Siddean tells us: “My style is simple and uncluttered. I prefer uncomplicated clothing that I can just throw on, that don’t need to be adjusted or fussed with. You can most often find… Continue reading

Lourdes Denimore and Salvatore Otoro

Lourdes says: “I guess you can say I have a style that leans more to the causal. Most of the time its sexy casual that shows more than a bit of skin but… Continue reading

Markesia Adjani

Markesia says: “Actually in SL I have NO style at all! I experiment all the time and, have to admit, the result is not always the most flattering! Yet, I enjoy it just… Continue reading

Angel Tzara

Angel tells us: ” I like to think that my overall style is classic. I think growing up in France is a huge influence. So I tend to value in general timeless classic than… Continue reading

Strawberry Singh (Photographer and blogger)

Berry says: “I don’t really have a certain style. Because of my blog I change my look often, even down to skin and hair color. But whenever someone asks to take my picture… Continue reading

Whisper Mizin (Owner of Delusions and SweeTartz)

Whisper says: ” Most know me from my blog The Killer Kitten  where I do blog normally 80% of the time, the color black. What can I say, I really do love the color black… Continue reading

Maya Levane (Owner of TokiD)

Maya says: “I aim to be boho chic, I wear mostly earth tones. I like versatile pieces that can be worn in many ways, very casual for the most part.” Check her blog… Continue reading

Saffron Foxclaw “Saffie”

Saffie tells us: ” My Second Life style kinda echoes my RL style, usually what I wear in RL I wear in SL and viceversa! This is echoed quite obviously in both my RL… Continue reading

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