Summer Holiday

Katya Valeska

Katy says: “My style is pretty down to earth. I tend to keep it simple. A tank with jeans, or a cute dress. Most often I run in bare feet or my boots.… Continue reading

Cieleste Magic

Ciel- 天 -este says: “My style is usually leaning towards high fashion, but on a casual day, I would just enjoy a simple, laid-back look with colors and styles that fit the season.… Continue reading

Sylvia Olivier

Silvia tells us: “I’d say that I’m eclectic. I like finding unique things in Second Life an pairing them up with other unique and beautiful things. I love putting together outfits and I… Continue reading

Daniella Riaxik

Dani tells us: “My style is really not definable in that it tends to change with my mood. I like a little bit of everything from vintage to casual, sporty to goth, and… Continue reading

Kavar Cleanslate (Owner of Exile)

Kavar says: “hmmm my style, I guess it’s really casual,  when I’m not a bald woman (90% of the time that is my style) I usually like to wear clothes that I would… Continue reading

Tyler Ethaniel

Tyler tells us: “My style represents my personality in many ways. I am inspired by many things and often times I like to apply those into what I wear.  Whether its subtle or… Continue reading


Jenn says: “My style to some degree depends on my mood of the day, but “casual dressy” would probably best describe me. I don’t like to “run with the crowd”, and while still… Continue reading

Dakota Bucks (Owner of Whippet & Buck)

Kota tells us: “Most of my time in SL is spent messy, half-dressed and probably bald – the uniform of the Second Life designer.     When I do put on clothes I… Continue reading


  Kirstylee says: “If it is fumbling to get on those skinny jeans, and tossing on a tank top type morning, or even sliding the lace and poof of a short skirt up… Continue reading

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