Sugar Planer

Sugar Tells: “I would describe my style as simple and understated. I am mostly drawn to clothes that I know I will feel comfortable wearing as opposed to being on trend and trying… Continue reading

Sloan Tharnaby

Sloan tells: “When I think about my style in Secondlife, I definitely can’t think of one term to define all. To be quite honest, a lot of times my style is often inspired… Continue reading


Nicole tells: “I don’t really have a “one way” style on SL, it really depends on my mood what I wear. I like to mix and match clothes and spruce up my look… Continue reading

Shyla Imary

Shyla says: “I found it hard to define my style. It pretty much changes with my mood, or emerges from a cluster of new items from different places. I love cute bright colors,… Continue reading

Posh Deluxe

Posh tells: “You know that scene in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” where the crowd chants in unison, “Yes, we are all invidivuals” and one little guy pokes up and says “I’m not”… Continue reading

Oakley Foxtrot

    Oakley says: “Hai. Well today I’m supposed to talk a little bit about my personal style. I’m mostly pretty laid back when it comes to style, RL and/or SL. I’m all… Continue reading

Stephy and me sharing an autumn afternoon

So finally we did it: set a time for a photoshoot together and it went just great; Stephy didn’t only dressed so beautiful but she created the whole scene to make a perfect… Continue reading

Lila Quander

Lila tells: “My style in SL is a lot like my RL style. I tend to gravitate toward classic and tailored pieces. In order to add a bit of flair to my outfits,… Continue reading

Compulsion Overdrive (Owner of Compulsion Shoes)

  Compulsion says: “My style stays within a certain look most of the time. I usually dress like I was 20 again, but with more money and a better figure! I go with… Continue reading

Clix Renfew

  Clixxy says: “My fashion style is rather eclectic to say the least. I love fashion and I am definitely not a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I adore theatrical , flamboyant… Continue reading

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