Sheena Silverfall and Rhoyks Qork

Sheena and Rhoyks

Sheena and Rhoyks1

Sheena says:” I like being creative and original. Mixing beautiful and fashionable pieces and playing with different kind of styles.
I’m mostly inspired by my RL style, that I would define like Hipster with a touch of Glam. I like mixing textures and sizes… never too much OVERSIZE :).  
I love so much our creators in SL because they always draw the pieces I’m always  waiting for!.
 About Roy, I  love his style; casual and always fashionable. He’s someone with a good taste.  I think we fit good together… :)”
On her:
Top: Love – Aztec print top – Turquoise by Mae Liamano (not available)
Jacket: Emery -Jacket Sheena –  Black by Sunami Beck
Tutu: Milk Motion –  My tutu – white by Marie Lauridsen
Shoes: Color meHOF – Jealous Booties by Fashionboi Landar
Hair: Lamb – Blue velvet  by Lamb Bellic
Glasses: Shads Eyewear by Enzo Davies
On him:
Jacket: Kal Rau – Blazer Collection_Black by Kal Rau
T-shirt: Pivaaca – Printing Cut ‘n Sew  by Trish Blanco (temporarily closed)
Pants: Amerie – Mesh Skinny pants_Black by Amerie Spitteler
Shoes: Ordinary  – Catarrhini- Tan by Shin Mathilde
Bracelet: Kari – Ruler bracelet by Menno Ophelia
Necklace: Kosh – The Key Necklace by Lynaja Bade
Glasses: Reek – Park Shades by Riq Graves