Lolly says: “ As far as style goes, I find myself resisting most labels.  My approach is random and mood based. I will say that I look for clothing that has really superb baked textures, 
The advent of mesh even with its alpha issues, was a real upgrade over what we used to have.  If I have to choose a single adjective to describe what I am after I would say “fresh”. 
The  most important thing to me about looks in sl is to keep a consistent facial shape and eyes.  I rarely change those.  To me they are a big part of recognition and I feel sort of distanced from my AV or friends, whenever mine or their’s change.”
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Top: coldLogic:  Combo – Ambrose – Currant mesh by coldLogic
Pants: Kyoot –  Nonsensical pants – vertical stripes by Saeya Nyanda
Shoes: Miel – Far boots – Miel Nirvana
Hair: Lamb  –  Cherry by Lamb Bellic
Skin: Al vulo – May  by Hlin Bluebird
Lips: L.Fauna  – Lipstick [Neutral1] by Launa Fauna
Necklace: Grasp –  Fleur de lis – leather necklace by  by Asalt Eames