Posh Deluxe

Posh tells: “You know that scene in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” where the crowd chants in unison, “Yes, we are all invidivuals” and one little guy pokes up and says “I’m not” — that’s what SL fashion feels like to me.  We can talk about our own unique twist and invidual style, but come on.  We all shop at the same stores, we all flood the same sales, we all buy the same pieces.  Occasionally you snag a rare, but then it gets blogged and you start to see it everywhere.  So I won’t sit here and talk about how I bring an original knack for fashion.  I don’t.  I dress up this little virtual doll with ideas stolen from a thousand different places and go frolicking just like everyone else.  But here’s what I love:  outfits that look like too much and yet somehow not enough at the same time, skirts and sweaters that look like they were made out of fabric ripped off my grandma’s sofa, a jumble of patterns and prints tossed together like leftover vegetables in the soup pot, yellow, not wearing pants, and a strong smoky eye.  And anyone who knows me in the slightest can vouch for the fact that I only wear clothes for blog pictures and then I take them all off and go out in public mostly naked.  End scene.  ❤
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Shirt:  T.Whore – Lovely Top White by Blair Loorden
Skirt:  The Secret Store – Mini – Birdie/Mint by Maylee Oh
Stockings:  T.Whore – Punk Stocking Dots by Blair Loorden
Shoes:  Vive Nine – PREY Platform Boot in Black by Sanya Bilavio
Hair: Truth – Siri w/Roots – espresso by Truth Hawks
Skin:  MyDear – Tonia Skin – Medium 1 by moon Meiyo
Makeup:  LAQ ~ Eye makeup 01b by Mallory Cowen
Beauty Marks: mijn.botique –  beauty marks by Mijn Seoung
Eyes:  Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (London Fog) by Arkesh Baral
Eyelashes: FTL – Eyelashes – S01 Kawaii by Framboise Werribee
Tattoo: Nox.– Oh Reckless Abandon Tattoo – by Olyvia Stratten
Scarf:  Tee*fy – Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Solar by Azure Electricteeth
Tie: Tres Blah – Neck Tie – Polka Dots by Julliette Westerburg
Bracelets:  DDL  Accessories – Uprising Bracelet (leopard) by Melina Anatine
Nails:  Izzie’s – Cracked Nails by Izzie Button
Earrings:  Kosh – The Key Earrings by Lynaja Bade