Sienna Bellios

Sienna says: “Our style reflects not only our personality, but how we view the world as a whole. Just as these elements aren’t static, nor is our style because as we evolve as individuals, so does our own personal style. 
Some days might find me in a soft floral dress with a straw hat, while others I wake up and nothing will do except a simple form fitting dress, boots and statement jewelry. Other days are jeans days with boots, a tank, jacket and put together by accessories. Then there are the days I can barely get out of my kitty cat trapdoor jammies.
There are elements that tend to flow from style to style, well except for maybe the pjs. I like to add a twist, a bit of fierceness to whatever I wear. It might be the hair and/or jewelry, but there will be something such as out there hair and piercings with a gown.
Lately, I’ve been experimenting with retro Hollywood glam, and finding my own twist to it. After all, who is to say Audrey Hepburn didn’t ever sport a mohawk!
Jacket:  sYs Design – VEGA – jacket F by Systi Cisse
Pants:  Glam Affair – Lou pants – black by Aida Ewing
Shoes:  N-core – Coquette – Dark Red  by Claire Messenger
Hair:  Lamb –  Soma – Ink  by Lamb Bellic
Skin:  Glam Affair – Linn Natural – D HB 07 by Aida Ewing
Make up: Miamai – Lined Silver by Monica Outlander
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky – Desert Dawn Shadow by Arkesh Baral
Eyelashes: Redgrave -39- Luscious by Emilia Redgrave
Nails: Pixel Mode – Sculpted Nails V2 – Fetish by Tya Fallingbridge
Earrings:  Rozoregalia – Gemma by Rozoregalia Braveheart