Tricky Boucher (Owner of -Belleza-)

Tricky says: “When I’m not working as a bald naked female I would say that my style in SL is much like it is in RL, smart casual. Usually a great pair of jeans with a nice shirt, vest or hoodie. Whatever I feel comfortable in, although I do like to pull out a sharp tailored suit for special occasions”.
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Top: Hoorenbeek – MeshVest – Black – Untucked Shirt by  Ansor Hoorenbeek
Pants:  not so bad – MUNGO jeans by Reda Bertolucci
Belt:  not so bad – MUNGO belt by Reda Bertolucci
Underpants:  Valiant  -Soft Lips Briefs (not available)
Shoes: Redgrave – Classic Sneakers – Black by Emilia Redgrave
Hair:  Exile – Dustin  – Midnight by Kavar Cleanslate
Skin:  Belleza – Dylan by Tricky Boucher
Tattoo:  Para Designs  – Invictus Tattoo by Paranormal Putzo
Glasses:  Gos – Custom Eyewear – SCT by Gospel Voom
Bracelet:  Mandala – REIKI Bracelet /Black  by Kikunosuke Eel