Zyrra Falcone (owner of Panache & co-owner of coldLogic)

Zyrra says:” My appearance has changed dramatically through the 8 years I have been in SL. I probably have sampled a bit of everything by now. Much of my time was spent creating hairstyles & doing custom building, so my interests in fashion were really somewhat limited. That is, until mesh came along. It re-ignited my desire to design again & shop again. On any typical day, you will still end up finding me wearing something relaxed & casual. My favorite blue jeans, a soft toned tank top or sweater & and likely no shoes at all. Although, I am known by friends to  have a bit of a fetish for boots.” Check her blog here 
Outfit: coldLogic romper.rae cream & Black by Coldlogic
Shoes:  Hucci – Kayla pump – Midnight rendevous by  Eboni Khan
Hair: Wasabi pills -Taleen – chocolate by MissAllSunday Lemon
Skin:  LAQ skin Olivia – Nougat by Mallory Cowen
Eyes:  Aphotic Gloom – Clarus Apple by Rico Plisskin
Lashes:  The Abyss – Opium eyelashes