Sam Laszlo

Sam says: “My style in SL is similar to real life, only I buy clothes here daily, and it is a hell of alot easier to change. You will find me wearing usually a nerdish neat classic kinda style, including a lot of blazers and suits, other may find this boring but not me, I love them, see my blog here. “
Cardigan: :SEY – Mesh Cardigan Black 67 by Risey Arai
Polo: REDGRAVE by Emilia Redgrave
Pants: J.H. Couture – Paul Mesh jeans  by Jada Humby
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Streeterville shoes  by Ansor Hoorenbeek
Hair:  ::Exile:: –  Jackson – by Kavar Cleanlate
Skin: UNIQUE  – Zeus skin by  Nany Merlin